Silanna Semiconductor: Pioneering Power Density at APEC 2024

01-02-2024 | By Jack Pollard

Silanna Semiconductor, the power density leader, is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, California, from 26th to 29th February. The company provides complete solutions that tackle the ultimate power management challenge: delivering improved performance, unrivalled power densities, and reduced Bills of Materials (BoMs), while ensuring more efficient energy use that minimises harmful emissions.

Leading Innovations in Power Supply

At APEC, Silanna Semiconductor will demonstrate its commitment to innovation by showcasing its full portfolio of AC/DC and DC/DC products that offer leading power density, efficiency, and performance. 

The company’s range of AC/DC and DC/DC power converter ICs are driving key innovations in Travel Adapters, Laptop Adapters, Appliance Power, Smart Metering, Computing, Lighting, Industrial Power, and Display Power by utilising the latest digital and analog control and device technologies.

Explore Silanna’s Innovations on Electropages Podcast

Ahead of the show, you can gain insightful perspectives on Silanna’s approach to overcoming the challenges of crafting compact, high-efficiency power adapters by listening to the recent Electropages Podcast episode featuring the company, which delves into Silanna's innovative flyback controllers and versatile controller designs for devices like laptop and phone chargers. This episode highlighted the importance of smaller, yet highly efficient power supplies and Silanna's contributions to greener power management.

Technical Session on Power Sharing

Hubie Noto, Silanna Semiconductor’s Director of Marketing, will present "Adaptive Intelligent Power Sharing Multiport Power Supplies" on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, from 3:40pm to 4:05pm. This session will explore the future of power-sharing and its broad implications across diverse applications.

Engagement Opportunities at APEC

"We are excited to be attending and presenting at APEC 2024," shares Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s Director of Product Marketing. "Our goal is to connect with as many of our current and future customers as possible."

Attendees have a unique opportunity to engage with the Silanna Semiconductor team, including Hubie Noto and Ahsan Zaman. Schedule a meeting with their team at APEC 2024 for in-depth discussions and inquiries about their innovative products using this link:

Further Information and Contact

For additional details about Silanna Semiconductor’s cutting-edge power solutions, explore Silanna Semiconductor’s reference design portal or contact us at

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By Jack Pollard

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