Anglia Components PLC Expands to Europe with Enhanced eCommerce Platform

04-12-2023 | By Jack Pollard

Anglia Components PLC, a leading distributor in the electronic components industry, has announced a significant expansion: bringing its Anglia Live eCommerce platform to Europe on 03/01/2024. This strategic move, backed by a major investment in logistics infrastructure and website enhancement, positions Anglia to offer unparalleled service levels in the European market.

Innovative Services and Customer Benefits

Following five years of consistent growth outpacing the market, Anglia aims to replicate its successful model in Europe via Anglia Live. Karen Ward, Commercial Director, highlights, "Anglia stands out for competitive pricing, availability, and delivery. We're filling a crucial gap in the digital distribution market with our locally held inventory." This expansion is not just about geographic reach; it's about enhancing customer experience with cutting-edge technology. "Our investment in AI-driven inventory management," Ward adds, "means customers across Europe will benefit from our efficient and responsive service."

Streamlined Logistics and Customer-Centric Features

The logistics network, now extending from the UK distribution center to a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service via FedEx through its Paris hub, promises a standard two-day delivery across Europe. Anglia's commitment to customer convenience is further underscored by multi-currency invoicing, real-time stock visibility, and a no-minimum-order policy. Orders over €50/$60 enjoy free DDP delivery, while a minimal service charge is applied to smaller orders.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Search Engine and Notifications

Anglia Live sets itself apart not only through logistics but also with its user-friendly features. The platform boasts a comprehensive parametric search engine, industry-standard cross-referencing, and timely product change or termination notifications (PCN / PTN). This new addition adds to Anglia's existing services, which include the Anglia 80/20 inventory management system and an in-house developed API service. These tools integrate Anglia's product data and real-time information into customers' systems, enhancing their overall procurement experience.

Moreover, the Anglia Design Partner Programme offers access to a network of independent design consultants, providing robust support for electronic manufacturing projects. This program underscores Anglia's commitment to offering comprehensive solutions, encompassing hardware, firmware, and software design support

Expansion and Growth: A Look at the Numbers

Anglia's recent £2 million expansion of its UK distribution centre marks a significant milestone, increasing inventory storage by 40% and enabling service to an additional 150K customers. With a turnover target of £100 million this year, Anglia's growth strategy includes a 50% organic increase over the next five years, not accounting for potential acquisitions.

Setting the Stage for Future Success

Anglia Components PLC's European expansion represents more than just geographic growth; it's a testament to the company's commitment to evolving with market needs and leveraging technology to offer top-notch service. As Anglia sets its sights on broader horizons, it continues to redefine excellence in electronic component distribution.

For more insights and to explore Anglia Live, visit Anglia Live.

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By Jack Pollard

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