MeasureWare Makes Precision Measurement Simple

30-10-2019 |   |  By Rob Coppinger

Temperature, weight, humidity, pH, pressure, and other factors can be measured more effectively for more accurate datasets using Analog Devices Inc’s MeasureWare solutions.

MeasureWare solutions are built to interface devices with the world around them, allowing users to more effectively measure the datasets necessary for their respective projects. MeasureWare is a plug and play suite of hardware measurement kits and software studio tools that help fulfil the growing need for precision measurement. The tools can be used by multiple industries including precision agriculture, machine health monitoring, electrochemistry and other areas requiring precise measurement.

“We created MeasureWare to provide precision measurement solutions to a growing customer base seeking to leverage the best of ADI’s technology without needing to become fluent in component and hardware specifications,” said Analog Devices’ MeasureWare director, Lorna Keane. “With MeasureWare and our associated partner network, we support users throughout their entire measurement journey, with solutions that scale from idea to production.”

Data insights

MeasureWare marries Analog Devices’ electronic engineering experience with users who require real-time data insights but lack the time or expertise to digest corresponding datasheets or do complex firmware development. MeasureWare also offers the flexibility to adjust and change measurement parameters as a project evolves. The MeasureWare solutions are being applied across diverse applications that encompass, bee health monitoring, industrial monitoring, beverage production and the cold chain needed for medication storage and transport.

The MeasureWare web ecosystem is a hub where Analog Devices’ customers can learn and share experiences and receive support while they take their prototype to production. The MeasureWare software studio includes MeasureWare Designer, MeasureWare Lab and MeasureWare Developer. 

ADI Measureware

MeasureWare is a new way to design measurement systems without the need for users to be hardware or firmware experts.

MeasureWare Designer provides hardware recommendations to support the customer’s specific needs of their application. MeasureWare Lab allows customers to quickly stream and view monitoring results in measurement units. MeasureWare Developer, which is for the more advanced users, supports preferences for host microcontroller and integrated development environments for application coding. 

MeasureWare can come with an open source Internet of Things operating system, ARM’s Mbed, and an application programming interface. Other integrated development environments will be supported in the future. Analog Devices is a high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges.

By Rob Coppinger

Rob Coppinger is a freelance science and engineering journalist. Originally a car industry production engineer, he jumped into journalism and has written about all sorts of technologies from fusion power to quantum computing and military drones. He lives in France.

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