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NVIDIA to Construct UKs Most Powerful AI Supercomputer

Recently, NVIDIA announced its plans to construct the UK's largest AI supercomputer, the Cambridge-1 AI supercomputer. What are supercomputers, what hardware will NVIDIA be using,


Miso Robotics $30K Burger Flipper Sees Large Demand

Recently, Miso Robotics has released a kitchen robotic assistant for $30K and has seen a great demand for the system. What does this robot do, what technologies allow it to operate


Scientists Look Towards Octopus Suckers to Move Sensitive Electronics and Tissue

Researchers have developed a special heat-activated sucker that allows for the easy transfer of printed electronics and organic tissues from one surface to another. What challenges


Researchers Develop Direct-to-Skin Printable Electronics

Recently, researchers from the US and China have developed biosensors that can be directly printed onto skin while not requiring high sintering temperatures. What challenges do wea


Intel to Sell NAND Memory Business

Recently, Intel has announced that it will sell its NAND business to SK Hynix for $9 billion. Why is Intel selling off its NAND business, what is Optane technology, and what does t


What is RADAR and the need for compact RADAR?

The SATIRE project aims to develop miniature RADAR systems that can be housed in modular chips to replace current distance measuring systems such as LiDAR, SOANR, and stereoscopic


NXP Announces $100 Million Upgrade to Arizona Fabrication for GaN 5G Devices

Recently, NXP announced its plan to upgrade its Arizona semiconductor foundry to produce 5G GaN semiconductor devices. What is GaN, how does it compare to silicon, and why is GaN a

5G | 16-10-2020

What are Smart Cities and What Challenges do they Face?

Technologies such as 5G and IoT will help to drive the cities of the future, making them intelligent, react to real-time events, and improve well being amongst its citizens. What a


Intel Releases 5G Enhancements to its Product Offerings

Intel is quickly becoming a key player in the 5G market and has recently released upgraded 5G systems including improvements and additional capabilities. What are virtual radio acc

5G | 09-10-2020