Revolutionising network dynamics with outstanding ethernet switches

12-04-2024 | Symmetry Electronics | Industrial

The Lantronix family of ethernet switch products featuring the LS and SISPM-3000-L3 Series is now available through Symmetry Electronics.

The LS Series is a managed Layer 2 (L2) hardened gigabit ethernet PoE++ switch product featuring (8) 10/100/1000Base-T IEEE 802.3bt + (2) 10G/5G/2.5G/1G SFP+ Multi-Gig Slots integrated with the Lantronix’s Percepxion cloud-based IoT edge solution excellent for smart buildings or in rugged environments.

The SISPM-3000-L3 Series features managed Layer 3 (L3) gigabit PoE+ Hardened Ethernet Switches with (16/24) 10/100/1000Base-T PoE+ Ports + (4) 100/1000Base-X SFP Slots + (2/4) 1G/10GBase-X SFP+ Slots designed for the demands of smart city and utility, transportation, security, and surveillance applications where performance and reliability across a wide range of temperatures are needed.

Lantronix has over 34 years of expertise in the network switch space to provide a wide portfolio of hardened Ethernet PoE/PoE+ switches. It supplies managed and unmanaged switches with diverse port configurations (4, 8, 16, 24, and 48 ports) and Auto Power Reset (APR) functionality.


By Seb Springall

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