Reverse mount press-fit rigid light pipes released

28-03-2024 | VCC | Industrial

Visual Communications Company (VCC) has announced its LFBR Series 3mm Reverse Mount Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipes.

These innovative reverse panel mount light pipes provide optimised light transmittance in regular and harsh environments. Constructed with a special long-life resin system, they are UV-ready, making them perfect for various applications, including Industrial, Maritime, oil and gas, Automation and controls, Instrumentation, Transportation, and Robotics.

The series provides design engineers and OEMs with a range of benefits. It offers enhanced performance – made with optical-grade polycarbonate, the series reduces light losses while delivering superior light transmittance. Supplying streamlined installation and assembly, its crushable press-fit ribs ensure maximum stability while simplifying assembly and reducing overall costs. It provides reliability in harsh environments, offering a UL94V-0 rating, a halogen-free design, and an optimised resin system. The series delivers optimal performance in high-temp, high-moisture, and UV-exposed conditions. It provides a secure reverse-mount system with a plug-and-play reverse-mount design optimising assembly in difficult-to-reach locations, including the back of the panel or the inside of the build.

Engineers can choose from 22 products with flat or domed lenses in lengths ranging from 0.100" to 0.830". The design versatility is compatible with single and multi-colour SMD LEDs, such as the company's SpectraBright, LSM, CMD17, VAOL series, and other light sources.

"We're thrilled to offer customers a versatile light pipe series that delivers outstanding performance and easy assembly when rear access to the front panel is needed," stated VCC Product Manager Mario Davila. "Our new LFBR Series was made with engineers in mind – from the reverse mount and robust press-fit ribs to the wide selection of length options."


By Seb Springall