New range of intelligent solder station kits is available now

02-02-2024 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS has announced the full availability of Weller’s new WXsmart kits. Following the successful launch of the all-in-one intelligent WXsmart platform in 2022, the five kits are tailored to fulfil soldering and rework requirements, from delicate work on miniaturised equipment to heavy-duty industrial applications.

The platform targets design engineers in industries needing connectivity, security, and traceability, such as the electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, defence, and solar technology sectors. The kits come with a WXsmart station and all the tools for their specific application, including relevant intelligent tips, irons, and a cartridge tip holder. One of the sets also comes with a WXAir station plus accompanying accessories for repair. They are provided by RS at a lower price than if each item were purchased separately.

The launch follows the recent introductions of other Weller innovations to the company offering, like the Weller Erem precision tools for use on the workbench. Also, the new WXMTS Micro Tweezers are smart desoldering tools that deliver the perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of SOPs and chip components from small to medium sizes. An added benefit for engineers is that these tweezers can be operated under a microscope.

According to Kevin Shield, vice president – Tools and Consumables, Test and Measurement at RS, this latest introduction to the RS range results from the ongoing close collaboration with Weller Tools. He said: “Here at RS, we continually seek to bring new technology into our product offering, and the new smart soldering innovations that Weller is developing clearly show how focused they are on delivering the best possible experience to design engineers.”


By Seb Springall