LED lineup widened with solutions for medical and smart home applications

26-02-2024 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser has expanded its range of LED products to cater to various diverse applications.

LED lighting has become widespread with the technology employed in various areas, such as commercial and residential lighting, video displays, and industrial HMI. Residential buildings, workplaces, and roads have experienced a remarkable change thanks to the implementation of LED lighting. LED bulbs save money regarding reduced running costs compared to outdated filament bulbs and have notably longer lifespans, often lasting tens of thousands of hours. Also, LED lighting is not limited to conventional applications and is driving progress across many industries. Matrixes and dynamic animated solutions are employed across industrial and smart home goods to provide visual feedback. In fitness and healthcare, LEDs are playing a crucial role in optical vital sign monitoring in smartwatches and other wearables. Consequently, LEDs are now widespread in their use and, for many projects, are an essential electronic component.

New LED product highlights available from the company include:

The LUXEON 2835 Commercial Mid-Power LEDs from LUMILEDS are created for commercial indoor lighting solutions, particularly suiting applications when the key development metrics are lumens per watt and lumens per cost. The range provides best-in-class flux, colour consistency, robustness, and reliability for commercial indoor luminaires, while an industry-standard footprint allows easy drop-in replacement. With various CCTs and CRIs available, the lineup is suited to applications such as panel/soft lights, linear lighting applications, and troffers. All these LEDs are RoHS compliant and provide excellent illumination with a wide 160° total included angle.

With its compact size and versatile design, the APBA2006 RA Bi-Colour SMD LEDs from Kingbright are excellent for various applications, such as backlights, status indicators, smart appliances, and wearables, including medical devices. The SMD LEDs display low power consumption, high-intensity bi-colour output and robust construction, with a working temperature range of -40C to 85C and a moisture sensitivity level of 3. These RA bi-colour SMD LEDs are offered in five different colour combinations, are halogen-free, RoHS-compliant, and provide a wide viewing angle of 140° from the side-emitting diodes.

The low-power MULTILED SFH 7018x from ams OSRAM are engineered to support the ever-expanding digital diagnostics and smart health wearable devices. The device features a cutting-edge three-in-one multi-emitter, allowing precise and reliable monitoring of heart rate and SpO2 levels in green, red, and infrared wavelengths. The sophisticated two-cavity design minimises interferences between the green chip, red chip, and IR chip and allows for optimal placement of the light sources in relation to their respective photodiodes. Two RoHS-compliant variants are available, with the device optimised for low Vf at high current.

The LP5813 4 × 3 Matrix RGB LED Driver from Texas Instruments is a synchronous boost RGB driver with autonomous animation engine control. The driver is designed for LED animation and indication in devices varying from portable and wearable electronics to smart devices and industrial HMI. The integrated synchronous boost converter provides high efficiency and consistent LED brightness across a wide range of operating voltages and supports LED forward voltages of 3V to 5.5V in steps of 0.1V. The autonomous animation engine can substantially lower the real-time loading of the controller. Each LED can be individually programmed to produce vivid and dynamic lighting effects, with synchronisation of effects across multiple devices possible.


By Seb Springall