Integrated motor drivers bring controllers and gate drivers with communications to single device

29-02-2024 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip Technology has released a new family of dsPIC DSC-based integrated motor drivers. These devices include a dsPIC33 DSC, a three-phase MOSFET gate driver, and an optional LIN or CAN FD transceiver in one package. A significant benefit of this integration is a reduction in the component count of the motor control system design, smaller PCB dimensions and reduced complexity. The devices are supported by development boards, reference designs, application notes and the company's FOC software development suite, motorBench Development Suite V2.45.

"Automotive, consumer and industrial designs are evolving and require higher performance and reduced footprints. These expectations often come at a higher expense and increase in dimensional size," said Joe Thomsen, vice president of Microchip's digital signal controllers business unit. "By integrating multiple device functions into one chip, the dsPIC DSC-based integrated motor drivers can reduce system-level costs and board space."

The integrated motor driver devices can be powered by a single power supply up to 29V (operation) and 40V (transient). An internal 3.3V

LDO voltage regulator powers the dsPIC DSC, removing the necessity for an external LDO to power the device. Operating between 70-100MHz, the dsPIC DSC-based integrated motor drivers deliver high CPU performance and can support efficient deployment of FOC and other advanced motor control algorithms.


By Seb Springall

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