C++ headers added to safety qualification suite

06-02-2024 | Solid Sands | Test & Measurement

Solid Sands has announced it has added a collection of C++ headers to its SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite. SuperGuard is a requirements-based test suite for C and C++ standard libraries with full traceability between needs derived from the ISO C and C++ language definition and individual library tests.

Offered immediately to existing users, and of special interest to those in the safety-critical sectors, these C++ headers can now be accessed quickly to extend the current version of SuperGuard.

Specifically aimed at users of LLVM and GCC open-source C++ library implementations, the new headers have simplified the certification process for users of these libraries, who must prove their needs and show test specifications.

Says Marianne Damstra, CCO at Solid Sands: “C++ libraries need to be qualified in the same way as the C standard library and Solid Sands customers have been keen for C++ headers to be added to the SuperGuard suite since its original launch in 2021. We are proud to be the first technology provider to offer a product that supports C++ library qualification with a robust requirements-based test suite.”

To make it simpler for customers to access the new headers and obtain the most out of the SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite, the company has developed SuperGuard C++ Core, a core set comprising often-demanded headers. Users can order any extra headers they may need. This ensures flexibility of choice for those users who use part of the C++ library, which is very common.


By Seb Springall