High surge current AC power line protection device

17-11-2023 | Littelfuse | Passives

Littelfuse, Inc. has launched its new Pxxx0S3N-A Automotive Grade 3kA SIDACtor Protection Thyristor Series in the DO-214AB (SMC) package. This innovative product is created to supply robust and reliable high-surge current protection for equipment working in harsh environments, allowing designers to fulfil regulatory requirements easily.

The key differentiator of the series lies in its high-power density design, able to withstand surge currents up to 3kA (8/20µs) and voltages up to 6kV with very low clamping voltage. This compact SIDACtor component, housed in the DO-214AB (SMC) package, enables automotive manufacturers to attain high power density designs and product miniaturisation in automotive electronics.

Developed for BEV and PHEV applications, the series provides superior transient surge protection for onboard chargers when used with a MOV combination. By incorporating this compact SIDACtor into their systems, automotive manufacturers can attain more reliable, robust, and cost-efficient AC power protection for charging systems.

The new 3kA device is the first thyristor-based product in the DO-214AB package to supply surge protection of 6kV/3kA (8/20µs). Previously, reaching such high surge ratings would require a larger TO-262 package. This compact-sized SIDACtor provides easy protection against severe transients, making it an ideal choice for exposed applications such as EV/BEV, PHEV, OBC, Charging piles, EV wall chargers, and Energy Storage Systems.

"While the Pxxx0S3N-A SIDACtor Series is suitable for various market segments, including automotive, industrial, and ICT electronics, it is ideally suited for high surge current protection in automotive electronics," said Charlie Cai, director of Protection Semi Product Marketing, SBU at Littelfuse. "This automotive grade SIDACtor series enables product miniaturisation and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and product robustness."


By Seb Springall

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