Versatile data acquisition system meets different measurement requirements

20-09-2023 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the GWInstek DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System – a modularised, customisable data acquisition system with excellent flexibility and precise performance. A built-in precision 6 1/2 digital DMM is the core of this test and measurement. The mainframe can receive up to three optional modules to match exact data logging demands by selecting appropriate collection modules that make data gathering simple, fast, and reliable. Five module options can satisfy tasks in R&D, product performance characteristics, system testing, and fault diagnosis.

The module's choices include general-purpose modules, multi-function modules, a matrix module, and a high-voltage/high-current module. The measurement parameters of each module, such as measurement function, range, speed, or offset compensation, can all be configured independently. The device can supply up to 60 two-wire measurements, 120 single-ended measurements, or 96 matrix cross-points in a half-rack, saving workspace and cost when beginning complex and diverse measurement tasks.

The built-in industrial-grade 6 1/2-digit DMM can measure and convert 14 input signal types. As well as high resolution, this supplies basic accuracy of 0.0035% DC voltage, 0.05% AC voltage, and 0.01% resistance. This DMM can be employed with general-purpose modules (DAQ-900/ DAQ-901), a multi-function module (DAQ-903), and a high-voltage/ high-current module (DAQ-909). The device does not need external signal conditioning modules to handle functions other than DC voltage, removing unnecessary cables and extra components. The modules provide cold junction compensation for temperature measurements to assure maximum accuracy on all channels measuring thermocouples. It can internally store up to 100k measurements and later connect to a PC for exporting data, or, for larger memory capacity, it can also directly record data to an external USB flash drive.

The device provides LAN, USB and GPIB (optional) to fulfil remote control interface needs. The free data collection software (DAQ-Data Logger) provides an easy and quick set-up for test procedures. A web browser can also be utilised to configure test procedures and access measurements.

By Seb Springall