Economical and portable high-resolution 12-bit oscilloscope series

15-09-2023 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company, Inc. offers the Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope Series, Rigol's newest high-performance 12-bit economical digital oscilloscopes. They are portable and provide the high-resolution required today, based on the company's 'Centaurus' technology platform. With a capture rate of up to 1,000,000wfms/s (in UltraAcquire Mode) and 25/50Mpts memory depth, the ultra-low noise floor of these scopes enables the detection of even small signal details.

Further, the DHO900 series supports 16 digital channel capture, simultaneously allowing analogue and digital signal analysis to fulfil complex embedded design and test tasks. Affordably priced, these scopes supply auto serial and parallel bus analysis, Bode plot analysis, and many other functions required for today's test demands in R&D, education and scientific research.

The DHO800 Series provides analog bandwidth of 70MHz and 100 MHz, two and four analog channels, a maximum real-time sample rate of 1.25GSa/s, a maximum memory depth of 25Mpts with a vertical sensitivity range of 500uV/div to 10V/div and maximum capture rate of 1,000,000wfms/s (in UltraAcquire mode). The digital phosphor display has real-time 256-level intensity grading, waveform search and navigation function with a 7" (1024x600) capacitive multi-touch screen offering a new user-friendly Flex Knob control. USB Device and Host, LAN, and HDMI interfaces (std.) allow remote control.

Further highlights of the DHO900 Series include 16 digital channels (std. but logic probe purchase is required), a maximum real-time sample rate of 1.25GSa/s, maximum memory depth of 50Mpts, and a vertical sensitivity range of 200uV/div to 10 V/div.


By Seb Springall

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