Product portfolio offers best-in-class power MOSFETs

01-08-2023 | Infineon | Passives

A small footprint of discrete power MOSFETs plays a crucial role in attaining space savings, cost reduction, and easy-to-design applications. Higher power density can also lead to layout routing flexibility and overall system size reduction. Infineon Technologies AG provides benchmark solutions optimised for efficiency and performance in a small footprint. The new products are excellent for applications such as synchronous rectification in SMPS for servers, telecom, and portable and wireless chargers. Further applications also include electric speed controllers for small brushless motors in drones.

The new OptiMOS 6 40V and OptiMOS 5 25V and 30V power MOSFETs further optimise the proven OptiMOS technology for high-performance designs. They provide leading-edge silicon technology, package reliability, and superior thermal resistance (R thJC, max = 3.2K/W) in the ultra-small PQFN 2x2mm² package. The new devices integrate industry-leading low on-resistance RDS(on) with industry-leading FoM (FOMs, Q G and Q OSS) for outstanding dynamic switching performance. Consequently, MOSFETs with ultra-low switching and decreased conduction losses provide optimal energy efficiency and power density, all while simplifying thermal management.

With the compact PQFN 2x2 mm² package outline, the power switches allow an improved system form factor with smaller, more flexible geometric outlines for end-user applications. The MOSFETs enable reliable system design with less necessity for paralleling, greatly decreasing space and system cost.

The new OptiMOS 6 power MOSFET 40V (ISK057N04LM6) with 5.7mOhm R DS(on) and OptiMOS 5 power MOSFETs 25V (ISK024NE2LM5) and 30V (ISK036N03LM5) with 2.4mOhm and 3.6mOhm R DS(on), respectively, are obtainable in the improved PQFN 2x2 mm² package.


By Seb Springall

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