New gain horn antennas are a game-changer in setup and efficiency

08-08-2023 | Pasternack | Passives

Pasternack has rolled out its latest creation – G-type (round) mounts developed exclusively for standard gain horn antennas. This innovation brings with it the potential to transform test and measurement procedures and propel overall system performance to new heights.

The G-type round mounts blend thoughtful engineering and attention to detail, tailored to house an extensive range of waveguide sizes. The company provides a line-up of 19 distinct versions catering to a broad spectrum of waveguide sizes, from WR28 to WR2300, along with their equivalent IEC counterparts.

These G-type round mounts are made of sturdy aluminium, ensuring a robust build. The inner surface features a reliable chromate conversion finish, while the exterior has a layer of corrosion-resistant grey paint. This combination safeguards the longevity of the mounts and heightens their overall functionality.

These mounts are ideal for accompanying the company's antennas, benefiting its customers. The synergy between its antennas and the G-type round mounts provides unrivalled performance enhancements. Also, the innovative cage-style design streamlines the process of attaching the antenna, adding to the overall stability of the setup.

"We are thrilled to augment our product range with the top-tier G-type round mounts. We remain steadfast in our commitment to creating solutions that streamline the antenna setup process while amplifying the performance of our standard gain horn antennas," said Kevin Hietpas, product line manager.

By Seb Springall