Latest frequency control products feature a new spread spectrum oscillator

22-08-2023 | Euroquartz | Passives

Euroquartz is showing its latest products at the Engineering Design Show, including releasing a new spread spectrum oscillator alongside new products from Greenray Industries Inc and new reference crystal oscillators from Statek.

The company will launch a new spread spectrum oscillator at the show providing customers with a drop-in replacement for standard clock oscillators with a reduction in EMI by as much as 12dB. The new EQHM22 lowers EMI at source so that traditional 'patching-up' methods of combatting interference – ferrite beads, ground planes, metal shielding and similar – are no longer required. With a selection of modulation rates and spread, these new devices provide frequencies from 16MHz to 40MHz in a miniature surface mount package measuring 2.5mm x 2mm x 0.9mm.

New Greenray products include two ranges of TCXO providing very low acceleration and tight temperature stability. Designed for usage as reference oscillators in timing applications, the new T58 and T56 devices are housed in a compact, rugged 5mm x 3.2mm surface mount package. These new TCXOs provide an option of CMOS or clipped sinewave output with frequencies between 10MHz and 52MHz over the industrial operating temperature range from −40C to +85C with ±0.05ppm temperature stability.

Also new from Greenray is a new XO range offering low-phase noise and ultra-low acceleration sensitivity. Housed in a compact and rugged 17.3mm x 17.3mm square package weighing less than 3g and ideal for hand or reflow soldering, the new RoHS-compliant Y1631 XOs provide sinewave output frequencies between 60MHz and 130MHz over an operating temperature range from -40C to +85. Ultra-low phase noise at 100MHz nominal frequency varies from -83dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset to -170dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. Acceleration sensitivity – worst axis tested at 90Hz, 10g – is 2.0ppb/g as standard with low noise 0.5ppb/g and ultra-low noise 0.09ppb/g provided. Shock screening is per MIL-STD-202, Method 213, while random vibration screening is per Method 214.

A new range of crystal oscillators from Statek delivering tight frequency stability for usage in a wide range of high-reliability applications will also be exhibited. The MTXO tight stability crystal oscillators supply fundamental frequencies from 10MHz to 50MHz with a total frequency tolerance as low as ±5ppm (including first-year ageing) over the defence temperature range from -55C to +125C. Versions delivering high shock resistance up to 75,000g – designated MTXOHG – are also offered. These new oscillators are excellent for use in various industrial, defence and aerospace applications, including RF telemetry, master clock, telecommunications, navigation and handheld devices and instrumentation.

EDS 2023, stand H4, October 11-12th, Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK.


By Seb Springall