DC fans and blowers lines expanded with new smaller frame sizes

19-07-2023 | CUI Devices | Industrial

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has continued the expansion of its DC fans and blowers product lines with new smaller frame sizes. The company’s DC axial fans now provide frame sizes as small as 20mm x 20mm x 6mm and expanded airflow ratings from 0.33CFM to 382CFM. Its centrifugal blowers offer smaller frame sizes, now down to 35mm x 35mm x 7mm, with airflow ratings from 0.57CFM to 44.2CFM.

These new models comprise a range of sleeve bearing and ball bearing options and the company’s omniCOOL bearing system that delivers enhanced longevity and performance compared to traditional fan designs. As well as being highly economical, models with a C, CF, BG, or BF suffix provide industry-best lead times as low as 12 weeks.

All models come as standard with auto restart protection, including extra options for a tachometer signal, rotation detector, and PWM control signal. Available with 5, 12, 24, or 48VDC-rated voltages, these DC fans and blowers feature multiple speed ratings from 1500RPM up to 25000RPM and static pressure ratings from 0.02inH2O up to 3.82inH2O. It can also deliver custom DC fan or blower solutions to fulfil various forced air-cooling needs outside of its standard offering.

Typical use areas include IT and telecom, medical devices, and industrial applications.


By Seb Springall

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