Two new high-precision GNSS positioning modules enable precise navigation

14-06-2023 | U-Blox | Semiconductors

u-blox has released two new modules based on the u-blox F9 high-precision GNSS platform. The low-power NEO-F9P supports precise navigation and automation of moving industrial machinery, and the ZED-F9P-15B offers customers in the mobile robotics market an L1/L5 option in addition to the L1/L2 bands.

The new NEO-F9P GNSS module features comprise concurrent reception of GPS, Galileo, and BeiDou, multi-band L1/L5 RTK, short convergence times, and reliable performance. The module delivers centimetre-level accuracy in seconds and comes in the smallest ever high-precision module form factor – 50% smaller than the standard u-blox ZED form factor.

This small size, with very low power consumption and ANN-MB1 antenna compatibility, makes the device ideal for various use cases, including precise navigation and automation in smart antennas, UAVs, and mobile robotics. Delivering reliable and efficient positioning, the module supports open and standards-based correction services, such as the company's PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service, for improved performance.

"With the NEO-F9P and the ZED-F9P-15B, u-blox is responding to the increased requirement for precise navigation and automation in industrial applications, particularly in the UAV and mobile robotics sectors," says Alex Ngi, product manager, Industrial Navigation and Robotics, Product Center Positioning at u-blox. "By delivering centimetre-level accuracy in a compact and energy-efficient module, the NEO-F9P, u-blox proven RTK engine, is ideal for space-constrained designs. It is now available in the NEO form factor, along with the L1/L5 option. The NEO-F9P offers customers an effective upgrade path from the u-blox NEO-M8P model. At the same time, the ZED-F9P-15B provides existing ZED customers with an L1/L5 alternative to L1/L2."


By Seb Springall

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