New TCXOS offer very low acceleration sensitivity and tight temperature stability

01-06-2023 | Euroquartz | Passives

Euroquartz has released two new ranges of TCXO from Greenray Industries Inc that provide very low acceleration sensitivity and tight temperature stability.

Created for use as reference oscillators in timing applications, the new T58 and T56 devices are housed in a compact, rugged 5mm x 3.2mm surface mount package ideal for reflow soldering. These new TCXOs provide a choice of CMOS or clipped sinewave output with frequencies between 10MHz and 52MHz over the industrial operating temperature range from −40C to +85C with ±0.05ppm temperature stability. T58 models can also function over an extended temperature range from −40C to +105C with ±1ppm temperature stability, while the T56 oscillators provide ±1ppm over the full defence temperature range from −55C to +125C. Acceleration sensitivity – worst axis tested at 90Hz, 10g – is 0.8ppb/g as standard for T58 with 0.5ppb/g LG and 0.3ppb/g ULG models available to order. For T56 components, the equivalent specifications are 2ppb/g standard, 0.7ppb/g LG and 0.2ppb/g ULG.

T58 oscillators provide 30,000g shock resistance with screening per MIL-STD-202G, Method 213, while random vibration screening is per Method 214, I-F. For T56 models, shock screening is per MIL-STD-202G, Method 203, I, with vibration screening per Method 204, C.

These new oscillators are excellent for various industrial and defence-related applications, including telecommunications, high-shock electronics, mobile radio, mobile instrumentation, airborne and wireless communications and microwave receivers. T58 devices can also be employed in telecom stratum 3 and smart munitions applications.

The supply voltage requirement is 3VDC to 3.6VDC with a supply current of 3mA to 6mA. Ageing is ±1ppm in the first year and ±4ppm over ten years for T56 models.


By Seb Springall

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