New half-bridge driver IC family offers ruggedness in high-power systems

03-05-2023 | Infineon | Semiconductors

EiceDRIVER 6ED223xS12T 1200V Silicon-on-Isolator three-phase gate driver family, Infineon Technologies AG expands its portfolio with the EiceDRIVER 2ED132xS12x family. The half-bridge configuration of the driver IC family complements the current 1200V SOI series, providing customers with more options and design flexibility. The increased output current capability expands the applicability of the portfolio to higher system power levels. The devices provide industry-leading negative VS transient immunity, shoot-through protection, undervoltage lockout and fast overcurrent protection. These options lower the BOM and allow a more robust design with a compact form factor ideal for high-power applications, including commercial HVAC systems, heat pumps, servo drives, industrial inverters, pumps and fans up to 10kW.

These half-bridge driver ICs comprise four versions in two packages: The 2ED132xS12M is supplied in a DSO-16 300 mil package and offers +2.3A/-4.6A current capability. While the 2ED132xS12P is provided in a DSO-20 300 mil package and supports +2.3A/-2.3A current drive capability. The family offers best-in-class switching performance in packages with sufficient creepage and clearance distances. These products combine a low resistance (30-Ohm) bootstrap diode, ultra-fast and accurate (±5% tolerance) OCP, enable input, fault-out, and programmable fault reset with separate logic (VSS) and output ground (COM) pins. The 2ED132xS12M variant offers extra features of Active Miller Clamp and Short Circuit Clamp.

The company's SOI technology removes the parasitic thyristor structure and supplies outstanding robustness and immunity to negative transient voltages on the VS pin. This ensures immunity to -VS transients of 100V throughout repeated 700-ns pulses. Also, the devices are RoHS-compliant and resistant to ESD and moisture.

PCIM Europe 2023, booth 412, hall 7, 9-11 May 2023.

By Seb Springall