First midrange VNA to deliver fast and accurate error vector magnitude measurements

30-05-2023 | Keysight Technologies | Test & Measurement

Keysight Technologies, Inc has released the Keysight E5081A ENA-X, the first midrange VNA producing fast, accurate EVM measurements and speeds up the characterisation of 5G component designs by up to 50%.

Demand for ever-increasing data speeds with ultra-low latency is pushing the next generation of wireless communications systems to function at higher RF. To ensure 5G New Radio (NR) transmitters satisfy these operational demands, RF engineers must fully test the design and performance of components such as power amplifiers. Obtaining measurements for PAs under realistic conditions can be time consuming, needing multiple instruments and test setups. Also, acquiring the precise EVM measurements required to certify PA conformance to 5G standards needs using a high-performance VNA.

The new device meets this requirement by supplying RF engineers a midrange network analyser platform with integrated modulation distortion analysis delivering full vector correction at the DUT plane in a single test setup. With a unique architecture, the device may perform multiple measurements with a single connection, which simplifies test setup, drives repeatability, and speeds testing.

Joe Rickert, vice president and general manager, Keysight High Frequency Measurements Centre of Excellence, said: “Combined with the powerful modulation distortion analysis software that was previously only available on our highest-performing PNA series network analysers, the new midrange E5081A ENA-X VNA solution is ideal for power amplifier characterisation for 5G transmitters. Thanks to its custom-built MMICs, the ENA-X provides the highest output power, dynamic range, and system stability needed by RF engineers without masking the performance of the power amplifier under test.”


By Seb Springall

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