All-in-one spectrum analyser with VNA and a cable/antenna tester in a handheld package

17-05-2023 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company, Inc has released the SIGLENT SHA800A series, handheld portable spectrum analysers forming a powerful, versatile option for benchtop and field RF measurement applications. The analysers combine the capabilities of a Spectrum Analyser, Vector Network Analyser, and Cable/Antenna Tester in one intuitive handheld package. With a frequency range of up to 7.5GHz, these analysers provide reliable automatic measurements and multiple modes of operation. The spectrum analyser comprises a built-in amplifier and independent signal source, fast scanning speed, high sensitivity, and can monitor RF broadcasts, power monitoring, perform channel power scanning, wireless interference location, electromagnetic compatibility measurements, and other functions. The cable and antenna testing function incorporates built-in DC voltage bias with a one-path-two-port vector network analysis function. It measures TDR, VSWR, debug port matching issues, perform insertion loss measurements, cable fault location, tower amplifier debugging, Smith charts, etc.

The explosion of RF technologies, including 5G and IoT, has produced an incredibly complicated electronic measurement environment. Monitoring and debugging these applications are increasingly moving from laboratories and workstations to on-site and outdoor applications, demanding reliable handheld measurement instruments. Applications for these analysers include communication engineering, radio management, telecom operation and maintenance, factory production, education and teaching, and many others. They provide a capable and more economical alternative to other handheld analysers.

By Seb Springall