Add connectivity to compact IOT devices with flexible and PCB patch antennas

11-05-2023 | Amphenol | Passives

Amphenol RF has added flexible and PCB patch antennas into its robust portfolio of RF solutions. These antennas can be employed inside connected devices and provide either a flexible pad or rigid PCB, which can be mounted inside the device. Flexible and PCB patch antennas are typically terminated to wireless modules providing the AMC or other industry-standard ultraminiature connectors. These internal antennas are frequently employed in wireless applications such as Wi-Fi-enabled IoT technology and portable entertainment devices.

Flexible and PCB patch antennas are obtainable in dual-band, multi-band, and wide-band configurations with Wi-Fi 6E-supported options with a reliable frequency range of up to 7.2GHz. These 50-Ohm antennas provide a dipole design with a relatively low profile and can be mounted in different locations and support standard cellular protocols, making them ideal for IoT, Wi-Fi and LTE technology. These antennas employ centre-fed micro-coax cables that terminate to an ultraminiature AMC connector. The extremely thin antenna provides an adhesive mounting tape on one side for secure placement inside the device.

These flexible and PCB patch antennas join the company's existing external antennas to provide a full solution through the antenna from the board or device. These antennas are compatible with many standard RF interfaces, and they are ideal for applications that require a wireless signal, such as drones, navigation systems, payment terminals, smart lawnmowers, and headphones.


By Seb Springall

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