Connect for Good Challenge to build a smarter and sustainable future

17-04-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser is sponsoring the Connect for Good: Low Power Wireless Sustainability Challenge, presented by Nordic Semiconductor and Wevolver. The challenge is running from now through 12 October 2023. Entrants are urged to submit a project that uses low-power wireless technology to solve different issues related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including clean energy and sustainable cities.

The first 100 entries will receive a free Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 Development Kit for low-power cellular loT. The grand prize winner will receive up to $20,000; one-year subscription to nRF Cloud Services for up to 500 devices; Soracom connectivity for each device, and support from Crowd Supply to get the winning design to market.

"Mouser is excited to partner with Nordic on this initiative. Our company has a legacy of empowering innovation and creativity in engineers, makers and students," said Kevin Hess, senior vice president of Marketing at Mouser Electronics. "We support the entire product development process through supplying individual components and kits, as well as providing design tools, services and resources."

"The winning design will be an innovative product that is energy-efficient, helps fight climate change, protects ecosystems, or is beneficial to society," said Geir Langeland, EVP Sales and Marketing at Nordic Semiconductor. "We are excited to have the support of Mouser, which is committed to encouraging engineering innovation for the future."

Each project should include the nRF9160 DK low-power hardware platform as part of the design. The challenge is open to all engineers and students, ages 18 and up, with adequate engineering capability to create a working prototype. Entries will be judged based on the technical and commercial feasibility of the solution, the level of innovation demonstrated and the potential impact on the selected UN Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 7, 11, 13 and 15).

Nordic Semiconductor offers technical support and education for entrants, including Nordic Developer Academy, an online learning platform, and one-on-one technical support through Nordic DevZone.

By Seb Springall