Industrial edge AI computing system for AMR/AGV applications and more

08-03-2023 | Advantech | Industrial

Advantech has launched MIC-733, an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin-based AI computing system. Designed for the growing video + AI + 5G applications trend, the system offers superior computing power, flexible video input support, and wireless communication. Buttressed by 24/7 remote management support, it is the best industrial edge AI computing system for AMR/AGV applications and is ideal for smart agriculture and transportation.

The system is a compact fanless system able to endure wide operating temperatures (-10-60C, 14-140F) in outdoor/harsh environments. It provides an adaptable array of expansion slots and multiple I/O – including 4 x USB 3.2, 2 x Mini-PCIe, and 2 x M.2. Further, it provides iDoor and iModule expansion and support for diverse peripherals. There is also I/O module customisation offered via the Mini-PCIe and full PCIe interfaces. This incorporates the use/modification of CANBus controllers, Cameralink frame grabbers, or PoE modules for IP cameras.

This computing system uses the powerful NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin SOM for energy-efficient autonomous machines. These solutions speed up NVIDIA AI software stacks with up to 4x the CUDA cores and 8x the performance of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier modules. Also, these solutions support multiple sensors and the latest high-speed interfaces.

The system is targeted at helping developers with high-performance AI applications at the edge, large-scale deployment, and data security through implementation. The company works with Allxon to offer a 24/7 remote management service on the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI and robotics platform, allowing large-scale deployment and device management through OTA and OOB service. It is also Azure IoT certified with the Microsoft reference configuration. Furthermore, the Azure Edge Managed Program, Microsoft Defender for IoT, provides threat detection to the device’s operating system and applications.

This system with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin provides outstanding computing power, flexible video inputs and wireless communication, supplying a solution to empower video + AI + 5G computing at the edge.

By Seb Springall