New PDM microphone with low power consumption in a small package

09-02-2023 | Infineon | Test & Measurement

Infineon Technologies AG's MEMS microphone development strategy incorporates the main building blocks MEMS, ASIC and package for this sensor family. For this reason, the company has full ownership of its products' performance, quality, and technology innovation. Building upon its know-how, it is releasing the latest addition to the XENSIV MEMS microphone product portfolio, the ultra-low power digital microphone IM69D128S.

The microphone is created for applications which require high SNR/low microphone self-noise, long battery life, and high reliability. The unmatched SNR of 69dB(A) allows a crystal-clear audio experience without compromising battery life. Based on an advanced digital microphone ASIC, the device sets a new benchmark in current consumption: 520μA. This equals half the consumption of available models on the market with similar performance. Also, the microphone masters the challenging task of switching between different power and performance profiles without audible artefacts, that is, the user can hear glitches. The PDM microphone is based on Infineon's latest Sealed Dual Membrane MEMS technology which delivers high ingress protection (IP57) at the microphone level.

Due to its ultra-low power consumption, the device is the perfect choice for hearable applications like true wireless earbuds, overear headsets, and hearing enhancement devices where battery life is key. Small size and high performance also enable other space-critical applications like wearables, smartphones and IoT devices.

By Seb Springall