New incremental encoder supports larger shaft sizes

06-02-2023 | CUI Devices | Industrial

CUI Devices' Motion and Control Group has introduced a new AMT incremental encoder family series. Based on the existing AMT13 series package, the new AMT13A series is not subject to silicon-related lead time constraints and can serve as a drop-in replacement for AMT13 encoder models. AMT13A encoders offer 16 quadrature resolutions from 96 to 4096 PPR, selectable through an onboard DIP switch, while supporting larger motor shaft sizes from 9mm to 15.875mm (5/8").

Thanks to the company's proprietary capacitive ASIC technology, the new series offers high durability, accuracy, and immunity to environmental factors. It features compact radial and axial package types with a locking hub for ease of installation and low power consumption of 8mA at 5V. The series also carries an operating temperature range from -40C to 125C and provides differential line driver versions.

The AMT13A-V kit allows users additional flexibility throughout development and design, including nine sleeve bore options from 9mm to 15.875mm and three simple mounting tools. These all-in-one kit components simplify the installation process onto a motor and greatly reduce the SKU count in production.

For helpful resources and tools on encoders are available on the company’s Resource Library, which houses a range of blog posts, videos, and more.