New compact intelligent low side switches

09-02-2023 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM now offers a new generation of one-channel, and two-channel 40V Intelligent (Smart) Low Side Switches: the BV1LExxxEFJ-C and BM2LExxxFJ-C series. The two product families are ideal for automotive and industrial applications. They are AEC-Q100 qualified and perfect for car body control, engine and transmission control units, LED lighting modules or industrial PLC.

The company addressed market needs early on by developing a dedicated Smart Power process in 2014. Combining innovation, power-efficient technology, process optimisation, and analog design experience provides a wide lineup of high-performance products. The integrated over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage protections, built-in diagnostic features and micro-controller feedback grant enhanced performance and reliability, excellent lifetime and reliability over discrete solutions.

The products integrate all the above and can switch currents for resistive, capacitive or inductive loads. When switching off an inductive load, the power MOSFET inside the smart switch must dissipate all the magnetic energy stored earlier in the inductor’s magnetic field. During this time, the device defends itself by actively clamping the voltage to a safe level. The power dissipated generates heat distributed on the integrated power MOSFET’s surface. Its new products are the industry’s first to combine heat suppression with low ON resistance that is challenging to provide in a compact size by optimally controlling the number of current-carrying channels using proprietary TDACC circuit and device technology. TDACC provides increased integration capability, allowing it to report the industry’s first two-channel 40mOhm (ON resistance) product in the compact SOP-J8 package.

A wide range of ON-resistance values (40/80/160/250mOhm) in one-channel and two-channel configurations are provided to fulfil diverse customer needs. Moreover, the contact discharge tolerance of all the products in the family is higher than that of other standard products. This adds to a safer operation inside different electronic equipment types.

Application areas include a wide range of automotive and industrial systems applications.

By Seb Springall