High current inductor for automotive applications

08-02-2023 | Wurth | Passives

Würth Elektronik has released another AEC-Q200 certified SMD inductor – the WE-XHMA provides a very high current capability of up to 50.6A saturation current and the capability to handle high current transient peaks. It is created with flat wire coil and composite core material, ensuring low copper losses and stable behaviour under temperature fluctuations.

The inductor is suitable for employment in DC-DC converters for high current supply and FPGA, as well as filter applications. It is especially useful when employed in switching power supplies: In contrast to traditional core materials, the compact coil displays hardly any temperature-dependent fluctuations in terms of inductance and saturation current. The higher energy density and the compact design, due to the use of flat wire, also make it ideal for SMPS. Flat wire also has the benefit that a larger cross-sectional area can be accomplished with the same space necessity, thereby lowering resistance. Also, it displays a lower skin effect at higher frequencies, and the heat dissipation towards the circuit board is, due to the flat thermally conducting surface, also better than round wire.

The compact moulded magnetically shielded coils are AEC-Q200 certified and offer an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C. It is offered from stock in SMT styles 6030, 6060, 8080, 1090, 1510 and with saturation currents from 9.3A to 50.6A.


By Seb Springall

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