Bi-colour harsh environment PMIs offer enhanced design possibilities

21-02-2023 | VCC | Industrial

Visual Communications Company (VCC) has announced its new Bi-Colour PML50 Harsh Environment PMI Series.

With five bi-colour options and an IP67 rating, these ruggedised and relentless PMIs are perfect for applications where the working conditions are tough, including automation and controls; industrial; outdoors, maritime, oil and gas; high-humidity, sunlight, or rain-exposed environments; high-vibration operation; railroad and transportation; and safety systems.

The series offers reliable performance and big benefits for OEMs and designers with streamlined HMI and BOM – five bi-colour options (red/green, red/blue, yellow/green, yellow/blue, and red/yellow) simplify the interface and reduce component costs.

Engineers can use the company's proprietary FlexVolt technology to secure safe and reliable operation for circuits varying from 5VDC to 28VDC.

With water and dust-proof operation in harsh conditions – IP67-rated, these ruggedised PMIs provide reliable and continuous operation under the toughest working conditions.

From voltage flexibility to a wide viewing angle and full brightness in milliseconds, the series produces increased performance and operational safety for engineers and customers.

The colour-coded wires streamline assembly and eradicate wiring errors for easy product/output light identification. The long-lasting illumination which includes RoHS and REACH compliance, provide these PMIs with up to 100K hours of operation.

By Seb Springall