Three-phase gate driver IC integrates PMU and current sense amplifier

23-01-2023 | Infineon | Semiconductors

The MOTIX family for automotive and industrial motor control applications from Infineon Technologies AG provides a wide product portfolio with many levels of integration. To further extend its offering, it offers the MOTIX three-phase gate driver IC 6ED2742S01Q. The 160V SOI gate driver offers an integrated PMU and is supplied in a QFN-32 package with a thermally efficient exposed power pad. This makes the simple-to-integrate device excellent for battery-powered industrial BLDC motor control drives including cordless power tools, robotics, drones, and LEVs.

The driver IC has combined bootstrap diodes that power three external high-side bootstrap capacitors. Via a trickle charge pump, they support 100% duty cycle operation. Protection elements include under-voltage lock-out, overcurrent protection with configurable threshold, fault communication, and automatic fault recovery. The output drivers combine a high-pulse current buffer stage created for minimal driver cross-conduction. Also, a CSA with selectable gain between the low-side supply voltage and the low-side power ground return (COM) is combined.

The gate driver provides a 1A source and 2A sink current with independent UVLO for high-side and low-side gate drives. The device supplies a propagation delay of 100ns and a minimum dead time of 100ns with built-in delay matching. As a result, the driver allows high switching frequencies with fewer level shift losses. The exposed pad of the QFN-32 delivers very low thermal resistance, enabling reliable operation.

The device is rated for industrial temperature operation ranging from -40C to 125C and can easily drive OptiMOS and StrongIRFET MOSFETs in single or parallel combinations. It supports battery voltages from 10.8V to 120V.