RISC-V MPU for IoT endpoint and industrial gateway apps

31-01-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the RZ/Five-RISC-V MPU from Renesas Electronics. Expanding upon its previously offered Arm CPU core–based MPUs, the RZ/Five is the first general-purpose MPU based on an Andes AX45MP using a RISC-V CPU ISA. The enhanced 64-bit RISC-V MPU offers users greater flexibility by supplying the tools and building blocks to help get designs to market quicker, including support through Renesas' RZ Partner Ecosystem.

The MPU is a single-core, 64-bit processor with a maximum operating frequency of 1GHz. The MPU has 128KB of internal SRAM with ECC and 16-bit DDR4-1600 or DDR3L-1333 memory interfaces with in-line ECC supporting up to 4GB of RAM. Peripheral functions include support for multiple interfaces, including two Gigabit Ethernet MAC channels, two USB 2.0 channels, and two serial CAN/CAN-FD interfaces. Additional features of the device include a two-channel, 12-bit ADC, thermal sensor, four I2C interfaces, three SPI interfaces, and GPIOs. For security support, the MPU also provides 1Kbit of OTP memory, secure boot, a crypto engine, and secure JTAG. For further design flexibility, the peripheral functions and package are pin-compatible with those of the Arm core-based RZ/G2UL, providing for easy reuse of existing and proven designs.

The MPU is offered in either a 13mm x 13mm BGA-361 or an 11mm x 11mm BGA-266 package. The BGA-361 option includes a two-channel Gigabit Ethernet Interface, whereas the BGA-266 option includes a one-channel Gigabit Ethernet Interface. Both packages feature a 0.5mm pitch.

Explicitly developed for IoT endpoint devices, the MPU is ideal for applications such as IIoT or industrial gateways used for entry-class social infrastructure control and industrial control, respectively. The device also provides long-term Linux support through a Verified Linux Package featuring Civil Infrastructure Platform Linux to address corporate infrastructure and industrial applications needing high reliability and extended service life.

Mouser offers the RZ/Five evaluation board kit for evaluation and development, which supplies a complete demonstration and development platform for the MPU. The kit consists of a Module Board (SOM) and a Carrier Board and includes a wide range of interfaces such as Gbit-Ethernet, CAN, and USB 2.0.

By Seb Springall