New line of potentiometers for electronic circuits and audio applications

16-01-2023 | CUI Devices | Industrial

CUI Devices has added a new line of potentiometers. Offered in shaft or shaftless options, these rotary potentiometers provide resistance ratings from 1kOhm to 2000kOhm and panel mount or thru-hole mounting styles. With a rotational life of 10,000 cycles, the PT and PTN family of potentiometers are excellent for control inputs for electronic circuits and audio control applications.

The potentiometer models provide linear, logarithmic, or reverse logarithmic tapers, several shaft or rotor styles, and various terminal configurations. These rotary potentiometers provide operating temperature ranges from -10C up to 70C, mechanical angles of 235, 265, or 280 degrees, and power ratings of 0.05, 0.15, or 0.20W.

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