Drop-in replacement for obsolete crystal

06-12-2022 | Suntsu Electronics | Passives

Suntsu has the ideal alternative to Epson’s MA-306 at a competitive price, which can solve user's end of life issues. In 2021, Epson announced it will no longer be manufacturing this crystal. While parts going obsolete is not a new concept, it doesn’t make it any simpler for engineers who employ these parts in their designs.

Suntsu’s SXT834 series offer the same dimensions and performance as the MA-306 making it the ideal drop-in replacement. It is an 8mm x 3.8mm SMD package with frequencies ranging from 8.000MHz to 54.000MHz.

Further features include a frequency stability from ±10ppm to ±50ppm, with an operating temperature -40C to 85C and AT-cut fundamental crystal.

Typical applications include measurement instruments, wireless network. telecommunications, and computers.

By Seb Springall