Widespread adoption of cooperative safety with advanced V2X solution

24-11-2022 | Murata | Semiconductors

Murata has been cooperating with Autotalks to provide pioneering new technology to aid progression towards cooperative safety and higher levels of automated mobility. This has allowed Murata to offer a wireless module solution portfolio through which direct V2V and V2I communication can be supported.

This V2X solution may be adapted to customers’ needs for maximum versatility. It will feature Murata’s Type 2AN wireless module when supplied for usage in hostless configurations. In circumstances where there is a built-in host, the Type 1YL will be used instead. These automotive-grade units are based on Autotalks’ CRATON2 and SECTON V2X chipsets. Being top performing, these modules are extremely robust – thereby providing ongoing reliability, even in the most demanding of operating conditions. The modules can support V2X software stacks from multiple different vendors.

What differentiates the Murata modules using the Autotalks’ chipset is that customers can select the two V2X communication standards they wish to use – DSRC or C-V2X. Consequently, they can directly satisfy different geographic regions (Europe, Asia, North America, etc.), with the same module, via simple software configuration. This indicates that systems designs can remain the same, making associated engineering costs notably lower.

Example use cases for this V2X technology will be early detection of unseen hazards and traffic prioritisation and speed control. Other potential use cases include accident response, updates on road conditions, etc.

“Drawing on Autotalks’ advanced technology, alongside our acknowledged expertise in the wireless domain, this unique platform represents a major step forward in enabling vehicles to cooperate on the road through V2X communication,” states Toshifumi Oida, director of the Communication Module Division at Murata. “The broad array of possible use cases supported will lead to dramatic improvements in road safety and reduce traffic congestion.”

“Inclusion of our hybrid wireless technology means both DSRC and C-V2X can be supported on the same module,” Oida continues. “In addition to offering customers a foundation for their V2X systems through this platform, our highly-trained engineering team can also assist them in relation to antenna design and solution optimisation.”

“We are proud to cooperate with Murata on bringing mature high-performance V2X solutions to the market. This is a major milestone that draws on over half a decade of joint development, validation, extensive testing and design optimisation. In addition, it demonstrates the quality, robustness and performance levels that we can achieve by working together,” states Ram Shallom, VP Business Development and Marketing for APAC at Autotalks.

Shallom concludes: “The versatile V2X module portfolio of Murata will help automotive customers all over the world accelerate V2X commercialisation. Autotalks’ close cooperation with it is another important step toward mass deployment of this technology.”

By Seb Springall