New LEDs optimised for low-current low-light applications

15-11-2022 | ROHM Semiconductor | Industrial

ROHM has recently released its 0603-size (0.6" × 0.3") / 1608-size (1.6mm × 0.8mm) LEDs, CSL1901 series, optimised for low-light applications for employment in indicators and numeric displays in factory automation equipment and communication control equipment including modems and routers.

The company has developed versatile 0603-size LEDs optimised for a low-current drive in low-light applications by employing in-house element technology to customise the light-emitting layer of the device.

Using original device technology, the series lowers visual differences in brightness and colour under low-light conditions by optimising element facets of light emission at 2mA. In general, operating standard LEDs, which guaranteed specification at 20mA, at low currents results in brightness and colour differences that vary from part to part. Compared to existing products (at 2mA), the company's new LEDs reduce brightness variations by half and colour sifting by 3nm, minimising design man-hours needed for light emission while improving visibility in indicators and numeric displays. Furthermore, a lineup of five colours is offered in the highly versatile 0603 size – facilitating replacement due to application and model changes.

Target applications include indicators and numeric displays in various applications; factory automation equipment; machine tools, manufacturing/inspection equipment; and communication control devices such as modems and routers.


By Seb Springall