Effective asset location and management IoT tracker

24-11-2022 | Electro Rent | Test & Measurement

Electro Rent has released its high-performance, easy-to-use IoT tracker, enabling businesses to track test and measurement assets across their field services. The new device is excellent for any company that spends too much time and money attempting to find misplaced or stolen assets.

As part of its asset optimisation services, the tracker monitors the locations of assets and communicates back to the company's LEO asset optimisation software (powered by Oracle Cloud). Users can view the real-time localisation of their T&M assets from anywhere on the planet. The service, which utilises state-of-the-art IoT technology, is obtainable now to all the company's customers, with an increasing number of telecom operators/subcontractors, power installers and industrial subcontractors among the early adopters.

Notably, integrated device communication aids data transmission over the phone network. Its IoT tracker quickly reads the location of any lost or stolen assets through three different methods, choosing the best approach based on the user's location. The device reads the location of test and measurement assets by employing GPS satellites with 5m to 10m accuracy; the location associated with any nearby Wi-Fi HubSpot or Wi-Fi router with 5m to 20m accuracy; or the mobile phone network within 100m accuracy.

The IoT data is accessible via its SaaS from anywhere in the world through the user's cloud-based LEO online account. There is no necessity for local software installation or readers in depots or vans. The SaaS embeds the latest OWASP cybersecurity standards through a web browser, removing the requirement for internal integration or IT costs.

This ultra-portable, compact device has a dimensional envelope of only 79mm x 79mm x 26mm and provides a rugged, IP67-rated design to withstand harsh working environments. Various power options are provided, including 3 x AA alkaline batteries, Li rechargeable battery delivering up to four years of service between charges or Li rechargeable battery with an optional solar panel for potentially unlimited battery life.

Finally, there are no hidden costs – the price includes hosting and global data roaming.


By Seb Springall