Compact development board for the most demanding tasks

30-11-2022 | mikromedia | Industrial

The newly redesigned mikromedia HMI 7 Capacitive is improved with a powerful 32-bit MKV58F1M0VLL24 microcontroller, developed by NXP, with adequate processing power even for the most demanding tasks, assuring fluid graphical performance. Also, it is the first HMI board that provides two standardised mikroBUS Shuttle connectors. It is a significant upgrade for the system, as it permits interfacing with the huge base of Click boards.

This compact development board is created as a total solution for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. It is full of peripherals and has amazing graphics on an MCU driven 7" TFT display. This display is a true-colour display with a capacitive touch panel as the most outstanding feature of the device. The display offers 800 by 480 pixels resolution, and it can show up to 16.7M colours.

Because with the board, you can develop on and build in the same board, it will allow users to save time. All this adds up to an excellent premium user experience.


By Seb Springall