Blue and green LEDs offer advanced spectrum for horticulture applications

08-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Cree LED XLamp XP-G3 Photophyll Select LEDs, available now from Mouser, provide an advanced horticulture spectrum with blue and green output tuned for horticulture applications. The LEDs are intended to substitute the white LEDs standard in two-channel white plus red horticulture luminaires. The LED maximises green content and minimises red content, allowing notable enhancements to luminaire cost and performance.

The LEDs are completely binned in horticulture metrics, permitting a more straightforward spectrum design with no confusing translations or conversions. The spectral output of these LEDs is binned into two metrics, which are based on the amount of PPF in standard blue (400nm to 500nm), green (500nm to 600nm), and red (600nm to 700nm) bands. The two spectral metrics are the percentage of red PPF content (Red PPF%) and the ratio of green to blue PPF content (Green/Blue Ratio or GBR).

The LEDs incorporate this new colour and the many strengths of the platform, including efficiency, long-term reliability, a convenient design ecosystem, and optical control.

By Seb Springall