Aviation approved global asset tracker offers cost effective tracking

11-11-2022 | Theftex | IoT/IIot

Theftex has announced that its Thingfox T2 asset tracking solution has been accredited by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Brussels Airlines for employment in the tracking of air cargo.

The asset tracker is a total all-in-one solution for any business seeking to track the movements and integrity of its cargo, whether transported by sea, land and now approved for use with air cargo.

Uniquely, it offers global intelligent tracking and route monitoring all managed with a cloud-based client accessed platform and app.

The device measures only 11.84cm x 9.9cm x 3.01 m, weighs 119g, is water and dust resistant and incorporates status LEDs. It is supplied complete with multiple sensors, including temperature, shock, light, magnetic and orientation enabling the user to remotely provision drive, sea, and flight modes. It also incorporates 'Monitoring Alerts' which automatically alerts the user (through email or SMS) should an asset deviate from a pre-prescribed route or location or deviates from sensor ranges such as temperature.

The device has been developed as a low power-consumption solution and utilises a combination of connectivity solutions from u-blox to offer any condition global asset visibility.

Andreas Gießler, CEO and founder of Thingfox, said: “We have developed an all-in-one global asset tracker which not only provides a versatile and powerful global solution but is a fraction of the cost of inferior alternatives. Accreditation by Lufthansa means we are well placed to take asset tracking to another level.”


By Seb Springall