New fibre-optic gyroscopes offer outstanding accuracy and superior stability

24-10-2022 | Advanced Navigation | Test & Measurement

Advanced Navigation announces Boreas D70, a fibre-optic gyroscope (FOG) inertial navigation system (INS).

The system is the newest release in the Boreas digital FOG (DFOG) series, providing a new performance grade with outstanding accuracy, superior stability and reliability. The technology is ideal for mapping, surveying, and navigation across marine, subsea, land and air applications.

"We are thrilled to expand the Boreas series with the D70. It's a system that will provide additional flexibility in the Boreas family, making ultra-high accuracy inertial navigation far more affordable than previous FOG INS systems," said Xavier Orr, CEO and co-founder of Advanced Navigation.

"This patented technology opens the possibility for adopting FOG INS systems across a much broader range of vehicular applications, particularly autonomous vehicles and aircraft, where weight and size are at a premium."

The system combines cutting-edge closed-loop DFOG and accelerometer technologies with a dual antenna RTK GNSS receiver. These are coupled with the company's AI-based fusion algorithm to deliver accurate and precise navigation.

It provides ultra-fast gyro compassing, attaining and maintaining an accurate heading under the most challenging conditions. While it does contain a GNSS receiver, it is not needed for gyrocompass operation.

Further features of the system include Ethernet, CAN and NMEA protocols and disciplined timing through a PTP server and 1PPS. A rich, responsive embedded web interface supplies full access to all of the device's internal functions and data. Internal storage provides for up to one year of data logging.


By Seb Springall

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