New camera has boosted sensitivity plus enhanced image stabilisation

11-10-2022 | Sony | Test & Measurement

Sony ISS has introduced its latest camera block - the FCB-EV9520L. The 2MPixel STARVIS 2 image sensor is pivotal to this camera's operation. This displays elevated sensitivity levels, with strong enhancements within the NIR spectrum. Another significant feature is the Super Stabilizer technology that has been included, and this enables exceptional image capture quality, even when the camera is subject to intense vibrational forces.

The device presents the market with an upgrade path for the widely used FCB-EV7520 series. As it retains the same form factor (50mm x 60mm x 89.7mm dimensions), customers are provided with a drop-in replacement that makes integration straightforward and minimises the engineering effort involved.

This 1/2.8" camera will be able to address a broad array of different customer applications. These include high-end surveillance systems, offline industrial inspection, medical imaging (for dental and surgical work), autonomous vehicles, remote control of drones/AGVs, shipborne systems, etc.

The camera's full commercial release will be in early 2023.


By Seb Springall