Flexible and durable sensor array for heavy-duty and off-highway applications

27-10-2022 | Powell Electronics | Test & Measurement

Powell Electronics provides the Transportation Attitude Reference System (TARS) from Honeywell. TARS is a packaged sensor array created to report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and attitude data for demanding applications, including heavy-duty and off-highway transportation.

The TARS-IMU device measures crucial vehicle characteristics and improves efficiency and productivity by reporting key data needed to automate and monitor the movements of vehicle systems and components. With two sensor models for different power levels, the sensor array accommodates 5V and 9V to 36V vehicle power systems.

The sensor fusion algorithm can be customised for particular vehicle applications through onboard firmware, permitting movement data to be filtered to minimise unwanted noise and vibrations for improved position accuracy. Communication is transmitted utilising industry-standard CAN J1939 connectivity. As a standard, the component is calibrated on aerospace-grade rate tables at the factory to supply enhanced calibration consistency between units.

The operating temperature range is -40C up to +85C. The sensor array is provided in a ruggedised PBT thermoplastic housing and is IP67, and IP69K certified for use in the most demanding environments. A metal guard for extra protection is also available.

By Seb Springall