Precision tantalum nitride chip resistors offer anti-sulfur performance

22-09-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

Applications that need resistors with environmental stability and high precision have limited options. Nichrome-based thin film resistors provide excellent electrical performance and stability but can experience corrosion under prolonged exposure to high moisture environments. Many chip resistors, thick and thin film, with screen and printed inner terminations may experience resistance shifts and failure due to corrosion by sulfur.

Stackpole Electronic’s AEC-Q200-qualified RTAN series employs a proprietary terminal material structure and design, delivering outstanding anti-sulfur performance with extremely low resistance shift under ASTM-B-809 testing. Also, the tantalum nitride thin film element supplies moisture-proof precision chip resistor performance with outstanding long-term reliability due to the self-passivating nature of the film.