New signal relays line for low-level current switching

02-09-2022 | CUI Devices | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

CUI Devices has launched a new line of signal relays from their Relays Group. Ideal for low-level current switching in industrial applications, security devices, and test and measurement equipment, its signal relays provide max switching currents of 2A or 3A in SPDT (1 Form C) or DPDT (2 Form C) contact forms.

Providing industry-best lead times, these low signal relays offer contact ratings of 120/125VAC or 24/30VDC at 1A, AuAg overlay contact material, and maximum switching voltages of 120/125/220VAC or 24/30/60VDC. The models are housed in packages as small as 10.2mm x 7.4mm x 10 mm, whilst carrying coil power ratings from 150mW to 450mW and coil voltages from 3V to 24V.

Typical areas of use include industrial applications, security devices, test and measurement equipment.