Highly reliable thin type SMD tactile switches for miniaturised applications

08-09-2022 | Panasonic Industrial Europe Ltd | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Panasonic Industry offers a new series of durable thin type SMD tactile switches for miniaturised applications needing a switch with a short travel distance for extremely quick output. The highly compact and robust EVP-BT series switches profit from a low-profile height of just 4.3mm, a sharp tactile feel, a low contact resistance, and only a small bounce noise.

The series switches deliver very high reliability with an operating life cycle of up to two million. Provided with a wide range of variations, e.g., as J-bent and straight terminal types with a total of 28 part numbers, to satisfy many different push forces and vibration specs.

“We are glad that we are now able to offer our proven switches technology with an additional profile height and straight terminals to serve an even wider range of applications – such as smart home, energy, home or medical appliances,” summarises Markus Lehmann from Panasonic Industry Europe.

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