EMC filter series for protection class II applications

05-09-2022 | Schurter | Passives

Schurter offers its new FMAB NEO single-phase EMC filter for Protection Class II applications. This new double-insulated filter without protective ground extends its latest EMC filter family to incorporate Protection Class I and Class II versions. The Class II version satisfies the more stringent necessities for critical medical systems and at-home medical care devices according to IEC 60601-1-11 and 12. These necessities include increased insulation safety testing, lower leakage current, and higher attenuation performance of electro-magnetic interferences, particularly symmetrical attenuation.

According to IEC 61140, the term Protection Class II is also referred to as protective insulation. It is defined as protection by doubling or reinforcing insulation of live parts. All clearances and creepage distances must be doubled, demanding that the inside of the filter also has double or reinforced insulation. The new filter series for Class II satisfies all these conditions, with reinforced insulation inside of the filter and large plastic collars around the terminals. Further, the filters are hi-pot tested with 4kVAC between L or N against the metal housing for a dielectric strength of >5.6kVDC, according to the requirements of IEC 60601-1. Leakage current ratings of <5µA are available. Other applications for the series include usage in devices for industrial equipment, laboratories, telecom apparatus, audio/video, and office equipment.

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