Board-to-board connectors designed for smaller and lighter solutions

07-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser now stocks Archer 0.5 board-to-board connectors from Harwin. These 0.5mm pitch connectors are compact mezzanine connectors created for smaller and lighter solutions. Designed with 30, 40, 80, and 100 pin count options and a small pitch, the contacts provide a current-carrying capacity of 0.5A each. The operating temperature range is between -55C to 85C, and the components offer a board-to-board stack height of 8mm.

Polarisation features ensure the correct orientation and alignment to stop mismating; shrouding protects contacts from accidental damage. These 0.5mm pitch connectors satisfy all technical specifications expected by electrical designers of modern industrial equipment. Materials are compliant with RoHS and REACH SVHC and are also Halogen free.

Applications for the board-to-board connectors include compact control/monitoring equipment, embedded computing, sensor modules, camera/Lidar units, and IoT-connected devices.

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