Anti-sulfur thick film chip resistor improves working voltage

20-09-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

Sulfur contamination for thick film resistors is growing to be a more prominent issue for an expansive range of end products. Electronic devices and circuitry can encounter sulfur in the presence of lubricants, oils, hoses, gaskets, and atmospheric gasses in highly industrial areas. Finding anti-sulfur resistors may be challenging and sourcing them with the perfect power and voltage ratings even more problematic.

Stackpole has recently upgraded the voltage rating on the RMCS0603 anti-sulfur thick film chip resistor to 75V to enable its use in a more expansive range of application needs. The RMCS series provides a low-cost anti-sulfur option with exceptional anti-sulfur performance as measured by ASTMB-809-95 sulfur testing with a maximum shift of less than 0.5%.

By Seb Springall