Spectrum analyser provides engineers with single-instrument solution

22-08-2022 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company has extended its VectorStar vector network analyser (VNA) family with broad spectrum analysis capability to develop the world’s first single sweep VNA-spectrum analyser solution that supports 70kHz to 220GHz. With the spectrum analyser option installed, it can conduct single connection VNA and spectrum-based measurements to produce a more efficient and accurate testing environment to verify active and passive devices through the design, troubleshooting, or characterisation stages.

The spectrum analyser option is compatible with all baseband VectorStar models – broadband and banded system configurations. Combining VNA/spectrum analyser capability offers engineers an innovative method to quickly transfer a challenging VNA measurement to the spectrum analyser – without changing the test setup or utilising multiple instruments. It is especially beneficial for applications involving mixers and amplifiers, including those with various outputs or input-output comparisons.

Simultaneous, sequential S-parameter and spectrum analysis are feasible with the VNA-spectrum analyser instrument. Spectral domain measurements of harmonics, spurious, other distortion products, and general frequency content may be made effectively with the single-instrument solution. It allows engineers to analyse VNA-like and spectrum-analyser-like response of a device under test.

The VNA-spectrum analyser solution is ideal for on-wafer measurements, as it leverages its inherent advantages of connecting directly to an on-wafer device. Mounting and demounting of on-wafer devices, which can generate major errors in measurement, are eradicated with the solution. Power calibration may be conducted at the probe tip for greater accuracy and repeatability.

Engineers can also use the VNA source as a stimulus and any port as a receiver for scalar measurements. Using the multiple test ports on the VNA delivers multi-channel spectrum analysis synchronised with the internal swept signal generators. Spectrum analysis for broadband and banded is also available with Anritsu or other mmWave modules.

Two configurations are offered in the spectrum analyser option. The standard VNA mode supports point-based spectrum analysis for qucker measurements, making it ideal for known signal analysis. The solution may be configured with a conventional sweep-based spectrum analyser for unknown signal analysis.

European Microwave Week 2022, booth B22, September 27-29.

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